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Blue Illusion Breanna Leather Tote

October 1, 2023

Élégant in Cream and Tan, the Breanna Leather Tote is the ideal everyday bag. With generous compartments, and contrast tan leather handles, this tote bag is an updated best-selling style designed with European sophistication at the forefront!

Blue Illusion’s new ‘La Viennoiserie’ collection is here!

August 2, 2023

Inspired by the délicieux French Croissant and the light and airy couleurs of Austrian-inspired culture, La Viennoiserie is a welcome breath of fresh air!

Ooh, la la!

July 3, 2023

These glamorous styles remind us of velvet bohemian fashion from the 70’s. Blue Illusion‘s grape coloured High Neck Velvet Top has a frill detail at the neck and catches the light with it’s velvety appearance. To wear it in a relaxed and comfortable way, pair with the Velvet Straight Leg Pant.